The Real Danger - Making Enemies LP Limited Yellow vinyl/ 100

The Real Danger - Making Enemies LP Limited Yellow vinyl/ 100
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First press on yellow vinyl, just 100 pressed, long sold out. 

Shield Recordings.

Second full length of one of the best punkbands from Holland. If you like Descendents and Face to Face, you should check the Real Danger, that's for sure ! 

Track listing: 
1. Cigarettes and Heartache      
2. Cutting Ties                                                 
3. Another Mistake                                                   
4. No Reason                                                  
5. Let me Go                                                                             
6. Goodbye for Now     
7. In You                                                                     
8. Someday Soon 
9. Rewind and Erase                                        
10. Making Enemies  
11. Fallen from Grace                                       
12. Skip steps 1&3                                                      
13. Coming home         

Pressing info:
100 Yellow vinyl (sold out)
420 Black vinyl  

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