Kadavar / Aqua Nebular Oscillator - The white ring 2xLP

Kadavar / Aqua Nebular Oscillator - The white ring 2xLP
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This Charming Man

Comes on 180 grams Purple vinyl

From the TCM site:

The german doomrock/protometal breakthrough artists 2012 Kadavar and their french psychedelic rock friends Aqua Nebula Oscillator are bonded for a long time.
On their tour beginning 2012 they thought about to record a record together. first just a thought, grew the idea to a project and in summer 2012 the french entourage took some baguette wine and pills and traveled to berlin to record their tracks in Tigers/Kadavars own studio.

The finished record is a psychodeic journey into the abyss of their foggy minds. the center piece of this record are two long jams of both bands together. furthermore each band covered their most favourite song of their friends band and gave it a whole new interpretation. so you get a Kadavar song seen through the eyes of ANO and vice versa. on top of this each band contributes two brand new songs to this project.

Musicwise, both bands leave their common and familiar terrain or paths to use the mutural inspiration to create and invent something new. besides their Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or Hawkwind-influences, their pick up different pieces to rebuilt something new. Krautrock is whole new inspiration. to say it in Tigers words: „Ein Hirnfick im Stile Ash Ra Tempels“. so, get your blunts and prepare for a spiritual journey into the 70s

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