Wank For Peace - Fail Forward CD

Wank For Peace - Fail Forward CD
Wank For Peace - Fail Forward CD
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Wank For Peace started as a band back in 2008. They are playing fast hardcore punk in the vein of Kid Dynamite and the alike. Since 2008 Wank For Peace released a few demo's, 2 split 7 inches (with Mon Autre Groupe(Paris) and Prevenge(Montreal)) and their first full length called "What Will Remain?" was released in 2011.
Wank For Peace played over 300 shows all over Europe and North America.

This is the pre-order for their brand new CD called "Fail Forward". The LP will be released early October. We'll ship the CD's as soon as we get our hands on them!
We'll get a limited amount of CD's with a special slipcasel, first come first serve!


1. Friends First
2. Heavy Shoulders
3. Five Steps To Nothing
4. Was That What You Expected Kid?
5. What If This Was Political?
6. Choices/Feedback
7. Twelve Cheese Sticks
8. You Are The Weak Spot
9. Interlude
10. Mea Culpa
11. The Sleepless
12. How High Can You Fall?
13. We're Not Done Yet, Sorry

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