Warm Needles - Inconsolable LP

Warm Needles - Inconsolable LP
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Hectic Society Records. 

From the HSR site:

Warm Needles debut full-length!! 
11 new songs crammed full of hooks and enough soul-crushing lyrics to let you know you're not alone. But, for real... thanks for your support <3

1.   Dig My Grave
2.   No You Hang Up
3.   FML
4.   Kneewalker
5.   Fleshed out
6.   Bed Weather
7.   Ghost Holes
8.   Gutted
9.   Team Individuality
10. Dried Up
11. Severed Clean

Basic color is solid white but every label has it's own colorway. The HECTIC SOCIETY Edition is solid white w/yellow haze.

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