FUCK! (It's Pronounced SHIT!) - The first 3 EPs LP

FUCK! (It's Pronounced SHIT!) - The first 3 EPs LP
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Brassneck Records

From the BN website:

20 track, single sided, hand numbered white vinyl 12" Limited to 274 copies. 
Includes 4 page insert with lyrics and art from Dan Crombie/Wolf Mask.

FUCK! (IT'S PRONOUNCED SHIT!) is the side project of Fraser Murderburger (from THE MURDERBURGERS - obviously). Fraser describes the band as “the musical equivalent of a mental breakdown”, which is pretty apt if you take into account the lyrical subject matter (which you can read on bandcamp if you can't wait for the record). 
If you’ve fallen for THE MURDERBURGERS’ winning mixture of pacy pop-punk and self-loathing, but you wish it was just a little faster and even more self-flagellating, then FIPS are the band for you. If your attention span struggles to deal with songs occasionally stretching past the one-minute mark, then step right up, this is the record for you. If you’ve never heard of FIPS before, don’t beat yourself up. They've previously existed in a world of super-short digital and limited edition cassette EPs; marketing isn’t exactly their forte. But here it is,... combining the 20 songs from the band's first 3 EPs (as per the title), this is the first time FIPS have made it to vinyl.

01 - I Need My Inhaler 
02 - Tuesday Morning Staring Match With A Dog 
03 - I've Died A Few Times Already 
04 - A Sorry Excuse For A Song Hiding Behind A Long And Witty Title 
05 - It's Fuckin' Freezing, Man 
06 - You Look Like I Need A Wank 
07 - My Therapist Looks Like A Wizard
08 - You've Not Lived Until You've Almost Died, Baby 
09 - My Attitude May Stink But I Smell Fuckin' Amazing 
10 - It's Not The Size Of Your Penis That Matters, It's How Big It Is 
11 - In A Parallel Universe I Have A Highly Paid Job, A Beautiful Wife And Two Very Well Behaved Children 
12 - All Y'all Otha Sleepwalkers Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me 
13 - Wanking Is Still Honest 
14 - Deliberately Stepping In Dog Shit Is My Favourite Hobby 
15 - Avoiding Mirrors Used To Be My Favourite Hobby 
16 - Punched In The Butt! Punched In The Butt! Punched In The Butt! FFFFFFFFOY!!!! 
17 - The Perfect Tour Seagull 
18 - Oh Hi, It's Me - The Bleeding, Flatlining Human Blob
19 - A Complete Rewrite Of All Star By Smashmouth 
20 - Wank Florida Wank

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