The Atlantic Union Project - The 3,482 miles EP - CD

The Atlantic Union Project - The 3,482 miles EP - CD
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Shield Recordings

A transatlantic collaboration bridging the waters via intense blasts of post-punk exuberance.

The new six track EP, '3,482 Miles' will be released on 9/9/22 via Engineer Records, Sell The Heart Records and Shield Recordings on gatefold transparent sea-glass vinyl, digipak hi-fi CD and across all digital channels.


This storming release is a love letter to the hardcore music scene.

Inspirations include all the greats, ranging from Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, and Descendents to Hot Water Music, Braid, The Promise Ring and Seaweed.


This is a pre-order for the CD version, officially released 9/9/22.


3,482 Miles tracklist:

01. The Actuary

02. Trustworthy

03. Soon To End

04. Cheap Seats

05.Strings Attached

06. Wait Indoors


TAUP is:
Mark Wilkinson: Bass guitar
Simon Goodrick: Guitar

David Gamage: Guitar

Jamie Donbroski: Drums
Craig Cirinelli: Microphone

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