We Can Be The New Wind by Alex Anesiadis (Book)

We Can Be The New Wind by Alex Anesiadis (Book)
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Earth Island Books

From their website: 
We can be the new wind: The interaction of punk, hardcore punk, power pop and neo‐garage with alternative rock in the 1980's.


The hardcore punk scene had two major crossovers, one with heavy metal and one with pop influenced independent rock. A significant number of early hardcore punk bands incorporated more melodic, challenging and experimental elements in their music while retaining their punk backbone and by doing so, they went on to create something new.


Alex's first book, 'Crossover' focused on the the metal hardcore crosover, this massive new book focuses on the crossover of Punk, Hardcore Punk, Garage Revival and Power Pop with the Alternative Rock scene and reports on many of the main bands in the genre.


With more than 160 bands interviewed and even more reviewed, the result is a total of more than 1000 essential 'pop-punk' bands covered in this book. 826 pages packed with information, photos and gig flyers from all your favourite bands, and all wrappd up in original cover art by Brian Walsby - this is an essential, if not comprehensive guide, to 80's alt-rock.


The first band interviewed was 7 Seconds, so put ‘New Wind’ on and turn it up, because it’s time to begin the journey...


The first printing is currently shipping with bookmarks and posters going out with the first 200 copies ordered direct from Earth Island Books in the UK, but this hefty tome can also be ordered locally within your own country, from your local book store or on amazon, etc to save on postage (from the official release date - 4th February '22).

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